Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just another sign...

that I am getting old! Because I am so tired this morning! All we did was have a little family party for our five year old and Matthew and I were both exhausted last night!

I had been doing a little bit of party preparation since Tuesday night when I hung streamers, balloons and wrapped presents. Yesterday I wrapped more presents, baked a cake, cleaned the house and got everything else set up for the party. As soon as Matthew got home from work at five he started decorating the cake (if you haven't seen the pics, go see them, it's amazing!) and I made pizza (from scratch yo!). I can't believe that we used to have at least seven more adults and a few kids for his previous birthday parties, it must have been a lot of work!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Sophia was a little on the crabby side for the whole party. I jokingly said she didn't like not being the center of attention, and I'm afraid that might be a little bit true. Lucky for her the rest of the month is all about her! She didn't even make it to the cake, after Elijah took his new bike for a ride I fed her some yogurt and she went straight to bed. The rest of us had cake, the grownups had a much-needed cup of coffee and Elijah read us one of his new books. Both the kids slept in today and so far we haven't accomplished much of anything.

Definitely getting old, my back hurts.

PS, on May 23 someone is going to need to come over and rescue me, I'm pretty sure I'll be buried under piles of streamers and wrapping paper!