Thursday, May 5, 2011

This is how I roll...

There used to be a time in my life where I never left the house without my hair being perfectly styled and hairsprayed into submission. Back then it was shorter, redder, with a couple other colors mixed it. It was fabulous. My outfits were always cute, new and more importantly, clean. My shoes, well, they were higher, at 5'3" I was never a fan of anything with a flat sole. Oh and I used to tan too. Basically, I used to be pretty high-maintenance. Key word, used to be.

Then I had a baby, that baby's name was Elijah, and he changed everything. The high-heel shoes were out, at least for a little while. We used to live in an apartment building set up on a hill that you had to walk up a flight of stairs just to get to it, and then we lived on the second floor. Somewhere in between sleepless nights and teething, my hair grew out...brown. My clothes? Well, they were still cute, once I could fit back into them six months later or so, but I don't think they've been clean since.

Eventually, as he got older I started to become a little high-maintenance again. Starting coloring my hair and wearing heels and stuff. Then guess what happened? I had another baby. Here we go again. This was problematic for two reasons. One, when you have baby, especially a second baby, the amount of time you have to get yourself ready is about 2.5 minutes. Which is really not enough to straighten your hair, apply make-up and put together a cute outfit. Two, I had a girl this time. Which meant suddenly I cared much less about my shoes matching my outfit and more about her shoes matching her outfit!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still fairly high-maintenance. On Sundays I get up earlier than everyone else so I can have more than 2.5 minutes to get ready. Sometimes I even straighten my hair. I still try to not leave the house without just a little make-up.

Yesterday I had to run to Walmart for a few things. It was icky and rainy out so I just threw on a fleece jacket and some flip-flops (over my Star Wars t-shirt and black "jeggings", don't hate!). My hair was a frizzy, poofy mess and I didn't even put on chapstick. Yeah, I know it's only Walmart, but this was a new low even for me. And yes, I walked through puddles in the parking lot in my flip flops I think this is a Southern thing, but I'm not sure. But you'd better believe Sophia was as cute as can be. Her outfit was adorable more than dorky. Of course, she really didn't have to worry about her hair.

Witness the de-evolution of a woman becoming a mother.


  1. I've always said it's a good thing people are too busy staring at twins to ever notice the parents. We were a sad unshowered lot those first couple of years.

  2. Lol, loved the line about your clothes not being clean. I'm covered in sidewalk chalk right now