Sunday, May 22, 2011

My anniversary/Christmas/birthday/Valentine's present for the next five years...

That's what we're calling it anyway.

So after only a week without, I got a new camera on Saturday. Or I should say we got a new camera, but we all know who's going to be using it the most! We ended up with a Canon Powershot and I'm in love with it. It takes amazing picture so far. I sort of suck at taking pictures, so I'm trying to do better. We'll see.

We got it just in time too, because today is Sophia's first birthday! After we got our camera we decided to all go to the movies. My grandparents had actually sent Elijah money for his birthday for us all to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Sophia has never been in a movie theater, except an Imax when she was about a week old. I was little worried about how she would do. She sat through the first hour no problem, well she was eating popcorn that whole time. She got a little crabby so I went and stood with her in the entrance where we wouldn't bother anyone. I was still able to see the screen and she was happy just being held. After that she got sleep so I went back to sleep and she fell asleep in my lap. Elijah loved the movie so much! There were a few scenes where I thought he might get scared (the mermaids were freaky yo!) but he didn't seem to mind. He really likes suspenseful movies and bounced up and down in his seat during some of Jack's narrow escapes.

It was a really great Saturday. We're looking forward to an even better Sunday. Church this morning, and then party tonight. It's going to be so much fun! And I'll have pictures up soon.

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