Monday, April 4, 2011

Hey! I wrote a book!

Well, it seemed like a good post title at the time, but now it seems sort of braggy. But wait, I did write a book!

 Yeah, so I finally finished it, or at least finally finished writing my first draft. I have probably months of editing and rewriting ahead of me but I finished! Can you tell I'm excited? For one thing, I've been writing for as long as I can remember, okay maybe fourteen years or so. I've given novel writing two solid attempts before. Once when I was a senior in high school and then again in '08-'09. Those two projects were eventually scrapped, without being completed. It's a really hard to thing to go through, especially with the last novel I worked on. I really, really liked the story, but just couldn't make it happen.

Last year I started toying around with the idea of writing a YA (Young Adult) novel. Not because the genre is so hot right now, but because most of that particular genre is crap (at least, in my opinion). Little did I know that this was my genre. To write this book I had to completely re-learn how to write. The right way, I guess. I outlined and outlined and outlined before even starting the actual writing. And I guess it paid of, because once I sat down to write the actual book it was easy. Okay, easier than it had been before, but certainly not easy. I started this particular project around the beginning of January, after many urgings from friends to get back into writing again. I never knew that I would be done with my first draft in just three months! Honestly, I've never written so much in my life and never been happier with what I'm actually writing. When this all began back in January I was writing at least two hours a day, every day. I've gone through some phases where I haven't written for a week, but I always come back to it.

 Now, for those of you who are interested in reading, or have read some already, I think I will wait until most of the editing is done before sharing any more. I know, it sucks to wait! But I want to be able to give you the best writing that I can, and right now it needs work. But editing starts today! I'm happy to say that I will be working with the editor of my last, unfinished book. THE Fabulous Laura Case, who agreed to help me out even though she's super busy.

 (PS I know a few of you are also interested in helping with the editing process and I think I still might want 2-3 to discuss the plot with, so comment if you're interested? Janna? Jen? Lindsay??)

PPS, I forgot to say a HUGE thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped me and encouraged me along the way (I'm happy to say that's a long list of people.) Don't worry, I'll rememeber to thank you in the book when I'm published. ;)


  1. I can't edit for grammar but I am definitely still willing to read through and help with story, plot and general flow. Super excited for you. You should be proud. This is a major accomplishment.

  2. Yay, what an awesome accomplishment! Can't wait to read the finished product. Also remember I have an 11 and a half year old that loves to read more than anyone I know! ;)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Cacey! SO happy for you and SO proud of you!!!!

    And yes, I'd love to help edit!

  4. Let me know if you just want a reader... :)

  5. WOW!! Way to go, Cacey! That is HUGE and so exciting. I'm so happy for you - I know this has been a goal of yours for a while now :) Yay for you!!!

    Big hugs! Hopefully I can give you a big congrats hug in person tomorrow if we both make it to moms group?! :) xoxo

  6. Awesome Cacey! I can't believe you are making us wait to read the finished product though. Can you at least give us one chapter?