Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's just pretend...

that I'm not still extremely sick and talk about something completely unrelated and inane, okay? Okay.

For one thing,  I woke up Saturday morning feeling mostly better. Oh besides the fact that I couldn't talk. It wasn't until Saturday night when my cough set in that I started feeling really crappy. And last night I finally caved and took some cough syrup (I have a medicine phobia) it only helped somewhat and I woke up feeling woozy and strange. Fun.

Anyway, so Saturday I felt kind of okay. I had gotten in the mail a $10 giftcard from Kohls (they must really love me, because they send me these all the time!), also I had some haircutting money stashed away in my wallet, so I decided to go do some shopping. It's my usual grocery shopping day anyway. Lately I've been taking one of the kids with me, so Matthew can get some studying done. Of course I had to take my little girl and future shopping buddy! I think this was the first time we did some mother/daughter shopping, it was so fun.

Now, I guess it's because I don't shop very often for myself, but I can be very deliberate when I do. This time I had in mind a summer dress. It took me all of five minutes to go through the junior's and the women's section and come up with only two dresses that I liked and were in my price range. This was the first one. I still love this dress so much I want to go back and buy it. I don't normally wear long dresses because I'm so short, but this one was so pretty. The problem? Well, it didn't fit quite right. Apparently if you are a junior's small you should have DD size boobies. Which I do not. So that was a no.

This was my second pick. What's with the black and white? Anyway, I wasn't super crazy about this one so I wasn't too bummed when it didn't fit either! Apparently if you are a junior's small you should have AA size boobies. Wait, does anyone see and inconsistency there? (PS don't hate on me for shopping in the junior's section, none of the dresses in the women's were remotely cute.)

Anyway, I was about to give up and go spend my money on plain, v neck, white t-shirts when I spotted this little number.(I got the orange one.) Oh did I mention it was 44 degrees out that morning? Perfect weather for shopping for summer dresses! Grrr. Anyway, the best thing about this dress? Besides the fact that it fit in certain areas and the fact that it wasn't black and white? I still had enough money left over to get something for Sophia too. Which was my plan all along! She ended up with a cute tank top and some capris.

So can I say it now? Just once? Bring on the summer vacation!!!! I haven't checked my countdown recently, but on the 22 it will be two months until, so it's getting closer!

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  1. You picked the right one. Me I would have had to go with the green, my hair and orange don't mix.

    Hope you feel better soon.