Thursday, April 21, 2011

Umm, Thursday Randomness?

I guess I forgot to post yesterday. Why? Well, mostly because I'm still sick which means not sleeping well at night because I'm too busy coughing up a lung despite the fact that I'm doing shots of cough syrup way more than they recommend.


  • I am getting better, little by little, but the cough is always the last to go isn't it? I've actually managed to do school with Elijah most of this week, which is a huge feat, or at least I think so. Although we've nixed the reading out loud (me reading to him) because if I talk to much I start coughing a lot. Yay. Although at this point he could pretty much ready Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to me. Kidding. Well, sort of.
  • I'm trying to get back on track with getting Miss Sophia to sleep through the night. We were derailed by two colds, but we're back on it now. Last night she woke up around three times (oh she has a cough too) and I was able to just give her her paci and put her back down. It wasn't until 6:30 that she insisted on being fed. So I guess I would consider that sleeping through the night without a feeding. Now if we could just cut down on all those wake-ups! Also, after her 6:30 she went back to bed until 9! Which meant we all overslept this morning. I don't think I've slept until nine in a year.
  • I'm so behind on housework it's not even funny. Which is why I'm sitting here typing instead of doing anything. I need to do laundry, vacuum, mop the kitchen, clean the bathroom and I'm doing none of that. Why? Because I don't feel like it.
  • I also haven't worked out in over a week and I could care less. I've had hardly any appetite anyway, so whatever.
  • Being sick rocks! Not.
  • In other news, it looks like we will be healthy enough to go to church this Sunday. This is super important to me because Sophia has the cutest dress ever to wear! Oh and also it's Easter, that's important too.
  • I went out yesterday and got stuff for the kids Easter baskets. This is my first year doing this so I'm really excited. I know that sounds terrible that I've never done one for Elijah, but seriously, he gets so much stuff from his grandparents that it's always been kind of pointless for me to do something for him. But this year I'm doing them for both kids.
  • Speaking of the kids, we're getting dangerously close to birthdays for both of them. Sophia's will be one month from tomorrow and Elijah's is less than three weeks away. Ahhhh! So much to do! Well, not really. As usual, we know exactly what to get Elijah. Sophia, err not so much. For one thing, she doesn't play with toys as much as Elijah did at that age. And the stuff she wants to play with is all his stuff. Last night they played together for over an hour with his Imaginext Batcave. I don't know what to get her!
  • I really need to go do laundry. Bugger.
  • Did I mention I'm tired of being sick. No? I am.
  • Did I mention I wish it was June 22nd today? No. I do!