Friday, April 8, 2011

We're going to need more coffee...

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but man, I would really like some more sleep!

I had hoped, even though I knew it was unlikely, that Sophia would start sleeping better once she got out of her brace. She is a really, really light sleeper, seriously you can just go in her room and look at her and she'll wake up! Anyway, I think it's been two weeks since she got out of her brace, and not counting the week or so she was sick, she really has been sleeping better. We went from 2-3 night feedings/wakings to just one! She goes to sleep around 7:30 and gets up at 7:00 the next morning. (I'm really not a big fan of getting up that early, but I have little choice in the matter, that's also when Elijah gets up.)

So, basically in the past week I've gotten really spoiled. Hey, I slept for nearly seven hours straight the other night! I haven't had that much consecutive sleep in...years? Anyway, the day before yesterday I realized that I should really start weaning her off the last night feeding. Sounds terrible, but I'm getting kind of tired of breastfeeding, especially at night. During the day I'm only nursing her about four times, that I can deal with. But I'm tired of dragging my butt out of bed to go nurse her.

Yeah, Sophia is really not a big fan of dropping that last night feeding, in fact she really seems to like the whole midnight snack thing. *sigh* So last night when I just gave her her paci instead of picking her up to go feed her she kind of lost it. Oh, she's such a drama queen. Also, this was much easier when she was in her brace (yes you read this right!) because she couldn't sit up or stand up in the crib. I can't tell you how many times I had to go in there last night and make her lie back down. Um fifty or so?

Kidding, I think. Anyway, I did manage to get away with not nursing her, but just barely. Then she woke up at five (?!?!) because, like most mornings, the neighbors were awake upstairs and were stomping around until they left at 6:30ish, which meant no one (except Elijah, who sleeps like a rock) could go back to sleep.


On top of that (yes there's more complaining where that came from) since it's technically Spring here (though I've yet to see any evidence like anything green or warm temps) I have allergies. My eyes are so watery and blurry that I can hardly see. Yay! Cross your fingers for my client today, I probably should not be cutting hair like this!

Basically I need about a gallon of coffee and then, maybe then, I might feel a tiny bit normal. Albeit jittery.

PS, why is it that my kids are both such morning people when I am not? And why do they wake up starving? I mean, I barely have time to get the coffee pot going before one of them starts crying (Sophia) and the other is nagging (Elijah).

This morning, in the kitchen 8:00 a.m. (We slept in a little after the neighbor fiasco)

Elijah: "Mommy I'm staaaarrrvvvvinngggggg."
Sophia: "WAAAHHHHHH!" *translation "me too!"
Mommy: "Mhhs mffnnnn ssjjj" *translation "I need coffee first."
Elijah: "Do we have honey nut cheerios?"
Sophia: "AHHHHHH!!!!!"
Mommy: "HMmmmmnnnnooo?"
Elijah: "Can I have frosted mini wheats? I'm SSTTTARRRVVVINNNGGG!"
Sophia: "ARRRRGGGG!"
Mommy: "MMmm hmmmm."
Elijah: "How do you make coffee? Why do you put water in coffee? What's that? Can I have breakfast now, I'm STARVING!"

That's what it's like, y'all.