Sunday, April 17, 2011


Meaning, not getting any better, and it feels like we're all just getting sicker. Fun times. I'm blogging on a Sunday morning, why? Because we're too sick to go to church! This completely bums me out since it's Palm Sunday. Hopefully everyone will be healthy by next week so we can go to the Easter service. If not, well, I guess Sophia can wear her Easter dress around the house!


I've come to the conclusion that this is the sickest I have ever been (excluding morning sickness with Sophia). And it's definitely the sickest I've been since getting married and having kids. Therefore, it's the sickest I've been without have my mom to take care of me! Wah!

Elijah is still 100% healthy. Sophia is mostly better, besides a little coughing at night? Matthew and I? Well, we're just running the gamut of cold symptoms these days. A few days ago I had aches, a stiff neck and congestion. Now I have a wicked (I mean, coughing up a lung wicked) cough and more congestion. Matthew had a terrible ear-ache yesterday, and he's coughing too. Seriously, it's a miracle that any of us have gotten any sleep in the past week. Oh wait, we haven't.

In a moment of desperation I slept kind of propped in a sitting position last night, which really helped my congestion. But it also seemed to move all the crap in my nose down into my chest, which made for a really lovely cough. Yuck!

I've been sick since Tuesday, Matthew since Monday. The end has to be in sight, right?

Although I seemed to be somewhat delirious/sleep deprived last night and thought of a really good idea for my third book...

PS. Mom if you are reading this, next time we all get sick you are FLYING UP HERE! Do you hear me? 

Ha ha.


  1. Do you think you might need antibiotics? Sounds like pretty nasty stuff. I hope it goes away VERY soon!