Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sucky Spring...

I thought that we had paid all our bad weather dues this past winter. I mean, we had 60+ inches of snow, what's that all about? So we were all really looking forward to Spring. Never mind, forget Spring, bring on Summer already! There have literally been about five days out of the past three weeks that haven't been rainy and cold. It just rains and rains and rains. Lovely. Summer please?

 Anyway, my biggest complaint with Spring isn't actually the weather. It's the sickness that has been running rampant in our house. Remember just a few weeks ago Sophia, Elijah and I were all sick with a cold. Now this past Sunday Sophia came down with another cold, actually worse than the first one she had. On Monday Matthew got it, and on Tuesday it was my turn. Do you see the overlap there? Sophia and I were the only ones to get sick twice. And like I said, this round of colds was much worse than the first. On Tuesday when I first got sick I felt worse than I have in my entire life, seriously. I had a fever, chills, aches, you name it. To make matter worse I still had to take care of my kids and my husband who was also sick. See? Sucky!

You may also remember, or not, that the last time Sophia was sick she had one night where she didn't sleep at all. Well, this past Tuesday was pretty much the same story. Only this was also the night Matthew and I were both super sick. I must have gone in her room at least a dozen times and gotten up to sit on the couch with her until she fell back asleep about six times. Ugh. Fortunately, Elijah never got sick, and Matthew and I are mostly back to normal today, besides a little coughing and nose-blowing. He's back at work and I'm trying to get caught up on the housework that I've neglected. You know I've been sick, because my house was a huge mess yesterday, which never happens, seriously. I took Sophia to the doctor yesterday because she seems to have been hit the hardest by all of this. Especially her eyes, which have been gunky and gross for days. She seems to be a little bit better today, and I'm hoping we will all be back to 100% by the weekend. Fingers crossed, anyway. And hopefully this will be our last round of colds until the Fall. Because, really enough is enough!

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  1. So sorry you all are sick. Maybe you will be all well by the time "real" Spring gets here.