Tuesday, April 26, 2011


or something like that.

Since Matthew is home all day to finish up the paper he has to turn in tomorrow, I decided after school to get the kids out of the house. Plus, I always take advantage of the car when it is available to me. Elijah and Sophia had both gotten a few dollars in their Easter card from my grandma and I promised to take Elijah to spend it. We decided to go to Target because we needed diapers, and of course, Target is way more fun than Walmart. It doesn't take much, though.

Anyway, so after they picked stuff from the little dollar spot area I decided I need to scour the sale racks. I don't spend money often on clothes, but I can't help but hunt for a good bargain every now and then. Well, guess what they had on sale? Bathing suits. And guess who is just a little too anxious for summer vacation and convinced herself she needed another bathing suit? Me!

Now, you know how it is when you find bathing suits on the clearance rack, especially two pieces. Unless you have an extra-large top and small bottoms, or vice versa, you're pretty much out of luck. Or unless you prefer the miss-matched look, which I don't. But, I happened to spot a really, really cute pair of teal and white bottoms in my size, so picked them up. After searching the whole rack for matching tops, and only finding and XL, um not my size, I gave up. BUT, yes another but. In the back of the store on the regular clearance racks (I know, this is a totally riveting story) I found a whole bunch of tops mixed in with the rest of the clothing. After searching about four racks in total I found, get this, a matching top in my size! Soooo exciting. Of course, I still had to go try them on. Horror of all horrors, with my beyond pale skin, and um, two kids. How fun!

The fit was pretty good. And by that I mean it wasn't obscene or anything. Also, after seeing myself in the unforgiving fluorescent lights of the Target dressing room I SWORE on pain of death that I was going to do Jillian Michael's 30 day shred EVERY SINGLE DAY until June 22nd. Or until my butt stopped looking like it did in that mirror. End of story.

Yes, I have things backwards. I think you are supposed to get in good shape first and then buy the teeny bikini. I have a bad habit of doing this sort of thing. Buying my wedding dress before I was engaged. Buying a bikini when I was eight months pregnant (YES!).

In case your wondering, the bathing suit was $3.74 a piece. CRAZY. No one could say no to that.

Now I need to get to that 30 day shred business...tomorrow, that is. Or the next day.


  1. Awesome deal on the bathing suit! I should get to Target myself. Good luck with Jillian. She and I are having it out lately. I'm trying to forgive her.

  2. Wait, you bought your wedding dress before you were engaged? How did I not know this? That's awesome!