Monday, March 21, 2011

Crazy busy weekend...

It always seems appropriate, and a little necessary, to start my Monday post with a nice whine... here's today's...I'm tiiiiirrreeddd. As in, really, really tired. Like I haven't slept well since, errr, last Wednesday. Yay me. Sophia seems to not be sleeping well right now for whatever reason, I suspect teeth *sigh* because she's generally pretty crabby during the day.

So, like my post title says, we had a crazy busy weekend. Mainly because Matthew's came to visit on Thursday. They got in super-late on Thursday, around 1:30, and of course I stayed up waiting for them. How? Why? Oh because I had a ton of coffee anyway and was wide awake. Despite staying up so late the night before I got up at seven, like always, with Sophia and cooked breakfast for everyone. Later that day we walked all around New Haven and then went home for dinner. See, I was a little tired at that point, but not too bad. We all decided to go to bed fairly early that night so we could get up early to go to NYC in the morning. I think I went to bed at ten thirty or so. Guess what time you have to get up to get yourself and two kids ready for the early train? Six thirty. Ugh! Actually that was Sophia's idea. But we were all ready and out the door in time.

Fast forward to NYC and lots and lots of walking. I ended up packing Sophia in the Ergo so she could sleep some, so I had an extra eighteen pounds to lug around most of the time. Still, I wasn't that tired. I finally got my cupcake from Crumbs that I had been craving for a year or so! Oh yes, I'm rambling, I'm tired remember? Did I mention I also was up with Sophia a million times the night before? No? Well I was. Saturday night when we go home everyone was pretty tired. Except Sophia who managed to take two hour long naps in the Ergo while I walked. Lucky! Oh and one on the train there, but none on the train back. We ordered pizza and then crashed. HARD. Well, I did for about an hour, until Sophia woke up, then I slept thirty minutes, and Sophia woke up. And so on and so forth throughout the night.

So, yeah, I'm tired. I keep reminding myself that this is the age Elijah started sleeping through the night, but so far I'm not holding my breath for Sophia. My kids just don't like to sleep. Even now they're always both up early and would never go to bed unless I made them. Sophia goes to the orthopedist on Friday to see if her hip is finally better. I'm hopeful that it is, because last time they said she was nearly there, and that was four months ago. Although I'm not holding my breath anymore that she will magically sleep all night long once out of her brace, but it won't hurt either.

Wait, where was I going with this? Oh right, I'm tired. Sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a time when I'm not tired? I don't think so.

Time to go, I have a million things to do today. Yay Monday. Fingers crossed that my sink won't flood or anything.