Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Falling asleep at my desk...

Not that I actually have a desk, or a job or anything, but you get the idea. I'm so tired this morning. I was just in the middle of feeding Sophia breakfast and had to fight off the urge to lay my head down on the kitchen table and zonk out. I need to drink this coffee faster.

Yesterday was a long, crazy day. Like only Mondays can be long and crazy. When Matthew and I were going to bed last night I made the fatal mistake of mentioning to him, though Sophia was teething and super crabby during the day at least she was still sleeping okay.

Major mistake.

I swear she heard me, because minutes later, before I could even doze off, she was up. Not only was she up, she stayed up until 1:30! Good greif. She was up again at four, and I think that was it. Though I could have forgotton other times in my sleep-fogged haze.

Yay teething.

It's not like I'm used to getting a ton of sleep at night, but the past month she has been sleeping relatively good and I guess I've gotton spoiled. Not anymore. I checked her mouth again when she would let me, and those teeth are still just below the surface. It must hurt a lot because she won't let me touch her mouth, and if I do she bites me! Ow!

Someday I'll sleep again. Maybe in another year or two? Yeah, that sounds promising...