Monday, March 28, 2011

It's time for another installment of...

Sleep issues! Wherein we discuss how I can possibly get more sleep and take a look at what a severe lack of sleep can do to you.

You would think that I would be used to sleepless nights by now. I'm on my second baby, second bad sleeper. But no, not used to it, at all. Especially when I had a night that trumps every night, including the Elijah newborn nights. See, I didn't realize how spoiled I was, even though we had plenty of crazy, sleepless nights with Elijah, seriously, nothing like last night. Ever. Sophia wins the prize.

Wait? Is this even coherent? Probably not. Wanna know why? I think I got about two hours of sleep last night, in several fifteen minute segments. Fun stuff. I mentioned yesterday that Sophia had come down the cold that Elijah and I already had. Well, she seemed to get the worst of it. She woke up around three in the afternoon burning up, she had a fever of 103. I gave her some Tylenol and she was fine. She went to bed around the usual time of 7:30 and went right to sleep, no problem. I was seriously planning on going to bed at eight myself, because I was not feeling so good. But she was up at eight, burning up again. So we gave her more Tylenol, a cold rag for her head and sippy full of water and her fever went down again. But she wouldn't go back to sleep. I guess the congestion had set in pretty bad, which is difficult when your baby is a paci baby.

So, basically Matthew and I took turns trying to put her to sleep, none of which worked, ever. She would sleep fifteen minutes in her crib and then wake up screaming. Fifteen minutes in our bed and then wake up screaming. I don't know who was more miserable us or her. The only good news is that Elijah officially sleeps like a rock, since none of this even woke him up.

She seems a teeny bit better today, though still not sleeping much at all. If it wasn't for the two large cups of coffee I already had I'd be dead on my feet. Yeah, I'm still sick too, but that's the least of my worries. Elijah is already mostly better, so I'm hoping she bounces back as quickly as he did.


  1. If her fever was down and she was crying every time you laid her down, she might have an ear infection. Classic ear infection sign. Generally to get through the night, you can put her in a car seat so she can sleep upright.

    the twin mom whose son had his first set of tubes at 8 months because he had chronic ear infections from the age of 3 months onward

  2. Awwww, that stinks! And it sounds exactly like the bug that Grace and Lily had 2 weeks ago. Grace could sleep okay because she could have benadryl and I could put two pillows under her head to help the drainage, but poor Lily just couldn't stay asleep for longer than 15 minutes. She didn't get it quite as bad as Grace, either, because I started upping the number of times a day that I nurse her from 4-5 to as many as I could get in (not including the nights when I nursed her practically all night) -in an attempt to give her my antibodies. I was lucky that it somehow missed me until they were all over it, but Jeff got it at the same time as them and was no help at all! One night I literally went from Lily's room to Grace's room and back from 9 pm until 7 am. Jeff was able to continue going to work, but he let his students choose if they wanted to cancel class and we were shocked that they ALL wanted to cancel - all 5 classes! (read: sarcasm). The only good part of it was that it only lasted a couple of days. But then Grace got that awful rash afterwards and then it started itching her and waking her up at night. Ugh. This is why, at 32, I am turning grey. I hope the worst of it is past y'all. Once she can sleep again she'll probably take a LONG nap to make up for what she's lost and then you can nap, too.