Monday, March 14, 2011

What goes up...

Must come down.

Yes, this is my obligatory "Monday sucks" post, but in my defense I have a crabby, teething baby who is getting into everything every second of the day, piles of laundry to do, oh and my neighbors are getting a new roof, which means the old one is getting taken off today, which means a crap-ton of really loud banging and noise! So, yeah, I'm reserving my right to complain today. We're having company this coming weekend too, Matthew's sister is coming to visit (yay!) but that also means I have a lot of cleaning to do before my house is company-ready.

Yay Monday.

But I have to say, Mondays are always worse when you had a really good weekend, and we did. Friday afternoon Matthew came home from work early since he's still on Spring Break from school and we all went to the mall. Somebody, and by somebody I mean me, had some birthday money still to spend. This is completely shocking, if you know me at all, birthday money is usually spent within days, make that hours, of receiving. This time I actually managed to hang on to part of if for more than a day, so off to the mall we went! After picking up some stuff at H&M and Target we had a little dinner at the food court and then headed home to put the kiddos to bed. Fortunately they have both been going to bed early lately, Sophia at 7:30 and Elijah at 8:00. So nice! I love having 2-3 hours of quiet, kid-free time before bed.

Anyway, Saturday morning I went grocery shopping as usual. As soon as I walked in the door I announced that we simply had to go outside, preferably to the park or something, because it was so nice out. Matthew pointed out that it was only 48 degrees and with the windchill it was supposed to feel like 34. I pointed out that the sun was actually shining for once at that it was comparatively warm. Plus, the kids hadn't been to the park since....OCTOBER!!!

So off we went.

A little sneak peek at one of the 20 or so pics I took. More on the fam blog later. Hey, I'm a MOM!
Yeah, it was a little chilly, but with jackets we were fine! Sunday we had church, then we all came home and napped, except for Matthew, who took advantage of the rare peace and quiet to get some work done on his paper. After dinner we all played games together. Oh and best of all, I finally, finally finished the chapter I've been working on for so long! Chapter ten, which is sort of pivotal, which is the reason why I was having so much trouble with it. I finished it, which means I'm just a few chapters away from being done. DONE! I'm beginning to think that this might be the first time I actually finish a book!

So, good weekend! The only downside was the stupid time-change. At 8:30 last night Sophia was still awake and Elijah didn't go to sleep until 9:00. And today Sophia is completely off her napping schedule which is interfering with our school. So bugger.


  1. Love the picture of them on the slide! Sophia's hair - OMG! I let Grace take Lily down the slide a week or so ago (when ever the last time was that we went to the park before she got sick) and I thought Lily was going to die from happiness. Of course I didn't get to take a picture because Jeff was working and I was there by myself and I needed both hands in case my uber-crazy 2.5 year old decided to let go of her baby sister mid-slide. :)

  2. I love the picture of them on the slide. It is a memory that both of them will never forget.