Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Randomness...

Wednesday again? I know, right? Sorry, I think I've said that every Wednesday so far, this week just seems to be flying by. I guess because we've been busy.

Where to start...

  • Our neighbors are getting a new roof as of this past Monday (their last one was blown off in a huge wind storm around December). We were awakened around seven a.m. Monday morning by loud hammering, banging, and worst of all, men yelling obnoxiously. All.Day.Long. So, understandably Sophia hasn't napped at all since this started! Thankfully, today it's raining, so they can't work, so it's peaceful today.

  • Sophia, oh Sophia. She used to be so happy if you would stand her up against the couch, ottoman or her play table (she still can't pull herself up), but now she's mastered the art of dropping down onto her butt and crawling away. Her current fascination is with the library where there are tons of things she should not get into! Grrrr.

  • Thank goodness for coffee, or else I'd never get through a day!

  • Speaking of coffee, back on my birthday I got a postcard from Starbucks (because I had registered my giftcard online) for a free drink for my birthday. It said on the card "We'll make you any drink you want!". While out shopping with the kids I decided to get my birthday drink, I tentatively asked the barista if it mattered what size drink, ect. he reiterated that I could get anything I wanted. (Oh and wished me happy birthday, lol!) Anyway, I usually just get a white chocolate mocha, but decided to get something different. Instead I ordered a java chip frap. I didn't specify what size so he made me the biggest, venti, I think? Anyway, holy huge drink! It looked like a Starbucks big gulp! As I was leaving I realized it was probably a $5 cup of coffee and about a billion calories, but man, it was ridiculous it was so good. So yay, now I have a new coffee addiction. Just what I needed.

  • Wow, that was a long story about coffee, hey this is my blog!

  • Anyway, while at Target yesterday I realized I had five bucks left in my wallet from my birthday money from my grandma, and all the Targets here happen to have, what? Starbucks! Soooo, java chip frap time! This time I only got the medium size though, so only about three-quarters of a billion calories. Yum.

  • Speaking of addictions (yes I have a few, though all my vices are purely innocent!) I think I have a jean addiction. Just ask my husband. We all know all woman are pretty obsessed with finding the right pair of jeans. Well, I've found the right pair. And now I happen to own FIVE pairs! Okay, another long, pointless story for you! For Christmas my mom got me a pair of Mossimo brand skinny jeans from Target, they come in short sizes, and to my surprise, fit perfectly! Also, she sent me a pair of jeggings. I know, I know, jeggings, we all do the "side-eye" when we hear that term, but the Mossimo ones are fabulous, they look more like jeans than leggings and are perfect with boots. (In case you hadn't heard, we were boots A LOT up here!). Anyway, I loved them so much I told Matthew I wanted another pair of the jeans, in a lighter color, for my birthday. Normally they cost about $20, so that's not a bad price. The day we went shopping for them? Found them on clearance for...wait for it... $4.98!!! I know, right? Fast forward to my birthday, I got several Target gift cards, I already had my eye on yet another pair of skinny jeans, this time a cropped pair with zippers on the ankle (Um, Sophia is my fashion icon). Again, usually around $20, for Cacey on her birthday, clearance again $4.98! And yesterday, clearance rack, another pair of Mossimo jeggings, in black, you guessed it $4.98! (My mom is reading this now and is very proud!) So that is how I ended up with five pairs of great jeans for....fifteen bucks.

  • *sigh* Now if only Spring would get here so I could wear all the short sleeved/sleeveless tops and sandals I got to go with them!

  • I have SO much cleaning to do! I know, I always say that, but this time I totally mean it! Monday I just did the usual, tons of laundry and all that. Tuesday I'm gone a good portion of the day, mom's group at church and then errands with the kids. So I have today and tomorrow to get ready for my company!

  • Matthew's sister, Angie, is coming for a few days and we're all very excited. We don't get family up here a whole lot since it's so far, but we always have fun when they do come. In the plans, a tour of the Yale campus and a day in NYC!

  • I'm a teeny stressed about taking Soph to NYC. We've only been once since she was born and we basically got off the train and walked to the Met and then back to the train. This time we will, hopefully, be all over the place. I'm already planning on taking her umbrella stroller and the Ergo carrier as a back up in case she gets sick of the stroller. This is a pretty good time to go though, since she's nursing much less during the day and eating more real food. It's really hard to find a place to nurse your baby in the city!

  • Ugh, speaking of Soph, she didn't sleep well last night, which means I hardly slept. Yay.

  • While out shopping yesterday I told Elijah we needed to look for him a Thermos or something he can take his drink in when he packs his lunch for mom's group on Tuesdays. (Just an aside, he calls mom's group, "the lunch party" because he thinks it' such a treat to take his lunchbox.) So we scoured Target for a Thermos. We ended up getting him a blue water bottle thing with a straw and a flip-out nozzle. He is in love with the thing, which is so funny to me. I mean, it's just a water bottle! I guess he takes after his mommy in the sense that little things make him happy (like five dollar jeans!). He's never been good about drinking a lot of water, but now he is. If I would have known that was all it would take I would have bought him one a long time ago!

I guess I should go, we're off to a slow, sleepy start. Matthew has been staying up late working on his paper and I'm trying to keep the kids quiet so he can sleep in. Also, I promised to make him breakfast before work!


  1. I have a pair of the mossimo jeggings hanging in my closet with the tag still on. I was thinking I might not get to wear them until fall, when I dig out the boots again, but I like your idea of the short sleeved/sleeveless tops and sandals. I would like to see some of your tops! And Analese has a flip straw thermos that she loves. I do think it makes them drink more water. We are a thermos family and carry them around wherever we go.

  2. Hmmm Mel, maybe I will twitpic some later!