Sunday, March 27, 2011


*Disclaimer: that is a sarcastic "yay", as will be all my "yays" in this post.

After Friday's exciting news I was quickly brought back down to reality Saturday morning by a very snotty-nosed kid. Yup, Elijah is sick. He doesn't get sick very often, once in the beginning of winter and once at the end. I guess this is the latter. Good news is, it usually only lasts 48 hours or so with him, and he's generally his usual chatty, outgoing self the whole time. (Again, yay.) Bad news is, cold germs spread like a wildfire. Though I was trying hard to avoid him, what mom can avoid her kid? I was Right there wiping his nose, giving him medicine all day yesterday. So at around eight, after the kids went to bed I felt it, the sore, scratchy throat that always seems to signal an oncoming cold. Yay. By the time I went to bed I was feeling pretty crappy, but hoping a good night's sleep would do me some good.

Guess who didn't get a good night's sleep? Me, that's who. Because Sophia got up around midnight, Matthew brought her to bed so I could feed her. As I'm trying really hard to not breath germs on her I can hear her snorting, she's congested now too. Yay. Repeat this scenario about ten times and you'll get my night. Except I didn't feed her all those times. We eventually both got up at seven, yay.

Elijah swears he feels better today and assured me that Sophia and I will be better tomorrow. But he doesn't Fortunately Sophia and I both took a really long nap this morning and I think we're both considering a second one now.


That one wasn't sarcastic.

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  1. Awww I'm sorry, Cacey! Being sick is the worst! I'll be praying for a quick recovery :) Maybe you'll still be able to make it to moms group?! I was where you are now a few weeks ago... May it pass super fast! :)