Friday, March 25, 2011

Everyone loves a little good news...

In case you haven't heard by now, and I'm sure you have because I've been broadcasting it everywhere tonight, Sophia got the all-clear from her orthopedist!

I'm so, so happy for her and excited that this is all finally behind us. Her appointment was around 2:45 this afternoon so I had a long time to sit around and think about it. Once we got to the waiting room I was starting to feel really anxious. For the first time in all her hip appointments I was feeling really nervous. For once, I actually didn't have my hopes up for good news. I took her back for her x-ray, which she did really good for, considering it was only her second one and I had to kind of hold her down while they did it. Finally they called us back to report on the x-ray. The first doctor we spoke to wasn't the head orthopedist and he said her hips looked good, but that they would probably recommend she remain sleeping in the brace for a little while longer. Instantly, I was discouraged and began to wonder if, and when she would ever be completely better. But then the head orthopedist came in and said she looked so good she could be done with the brace FOR GOOD!

I swear, I think my jaw hit the floor. I went on to ask a few more questions, like if there was anything she should avoid. We had been told previously not to put her in any jumpers, exersaucers or baby carriers and she said no she could do whatever she wants now. I'm so happy to hear that. She has to go back when she turns one, then again at eighteen months and then every year basically until adulthood, just to make sure nothing reverts. I really don't mind that at all, as long as we can get rid of that brace!

I tossed it in the trash as we were walking out! Tonight will be her first night sleeping with out it in eight months straight! I'm really interested to see how well she sleeps. I'm not crazy, I don't think she's going to magically sleep through the night. But hopefully this will help her habitual night-wakings.

Big sigh of relief.

As we were walking out I was telling Matthew, "Get ready to sign her up for gymnastics, ballet, oh and karate." I'm glad nothing is going to hold her back now.


  1. awww so cute!! :) so glad to hear it went so well and you were so pleasantly surprised. Sure, I heard on facebook... but getting your detailed report is even better :) Love you! Love Sophia! Yayyy!!!

  2. So happy that Sophia's hips are all OK now! YAY for getting rid of that brace!