Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Randomness....

Two things...

Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!!!!


We just bought our tickets to Florida in Jun!!!!!!!


  • Too bad my birthday is on a Thursday, weekend birthdays are so much better. Matthew has to work and go to class. I've got to teach school, do laundry and stuff. Oh well, there will be dinner, cake and presents later!
  • Elijah just tried to convince me to play Star Wars figures with him. Literally the second I crawled out of bed. I told him I don't do anything until I've had my coffee. And then he asked me if I would snuggle with my four year old (LOL that's what he called himself). And then he crawled up in my lap for a nice snuggle. Not a bad way to start your day.
  • And then he breathed in my face with his milk breath. Lovely.
  • Sophia is still sleeping! Going on thirteen hours (not straight of course). I think we wore her out yesterday.
  • We went to mom's group at church, she usually goes in the nursery with the other kids but yesterday I could hear her hollering halfway through Bible study so I went and got her. Turns out she was hungry, but she won't nurse in a room full of people, so I fed her a few bites of apple until she calmed down. Then she growled during the prayer. That girl...
  • Also, it looks like she's going to need a toothbrush soon.
  • Elijah just asked me to do Yoga with him. NOT BEFORE COFFEE!
  • So, the trip. I think it would be a HUGE understatement to say I'm excited. I was super-excited to go back South last year as well, but this year will be even better for several reasons. For one, Matthew is flying down to Florida with us! Last year he only went to Georgia and then back home, so my parents missed out on seeing him and he missed out on the beach time. This year he's coming with us to Florida then to Georgia. He is going home earlier than us, so I will be flying home alone with the kids. Also, Sophia will be thirteen months when we leave (EEK!) so she will be able to spend a lot more time at the beach and the pool. Last year she wasn't old enough for sunscreen and it was pretty tricky. What else? Shhhh, I'm ten pounds lighter this summer so yay.
  • SO EXCITED. Family, beach, pool, food, sun... the list goes on and on. Chick Fil A!!! Matthew always laughs at me because when I'm down south I have to have Chick Fil A and Zaxby's.
  • Oh also, shopping at Ross with my mom. Shopping with my mom in general!
  • One little downside. Matthew and I will be apart on our anniversary this year *sadface*. He's coming home on the third so he can get back to work, and the kids and I are coming home on the eleventh. I guess it's not a big deal, we have a lot more anniversaries to come. I'm sure we'll try to go out a few times while we have the grandparents available to watch the kids.
  • So excited. Wait, I said that didn't I?


  1. That's great that you have so many things to look forward to! Great motivators for a very busy lady :)

  2. Where will you be in GA? Maybe we can meet up one day.