Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Randomness...

I woke up this morning completely unaware of what day of the week it was. Not really surprising considering how crazy this week has been so far. When I realized that it was, in fact, Wednesday I felt both excited and depressed. Excited because that meant the week was halfway over with, depressed with how little I've accomplished so far this week. Such is life with kids. Anyway, onto the randomness....

  • After lamenting the fact that I've gotten little writing done lately I actually sat down and got some work done yesterday. It was quite sporadic since I was working in between taking care of the kids, but I did get a good little bit done. I got the first ten chapters of book two outlined pretty good. Even better I think I've got the plot down in my head, which is huge. I never seem to know for sure where I'm going with it until I start outlining.

  • I think outlining is both my favorite and least favorite part of writing. I'll explain. When you start an outline you have basically nothing to start with, but a general idea of where you want the book to go. You have to come up with everything off the cuff, which is not easy. Also, it lacks the really fun part of writing, the words, the dialogue. It's just a raw skeleton. But on the other hand, that's what I love about the outlining, it's where your true creativity kicks it. One minute you're at your wit's end, completely unsure of what's going to happen next, "And then she...." Blank, nothing. You get up, walk around the house, maybe change a diaper or get a snack and the BAM! Suddenly you know exactly what should happen next. It's like magic.

  • Now do you know why I love writing so much? That's why.

  • Back to the sickies. Elijah is now completely better, which means he's back to talking my arm off 24/7, yay. I'm glad he's feeling better, but oy, that child is a handful. Sophia is still pretty congested and unhappy, which is fun. Surprisingly she slept really good last night, which means I slept surprisingly good, which means I woke up feeling...weird.

  • Yeah weird. I think it's also called well-rested? But I'm not completely sure, I've forgotten what that feels like.

  • Matthew never did get sick, which is great. Me, well, I seem to have the most lingering symptoms, fun.

  • Is it summer yet? I have a general countdown until vacation going on in my head, but I can't mention the number, it's just too darn depressing.

  • You know what else is depressing? Snow in the forecast for April. Snow. SNOW!

  • What the?

  • I keep trying to remind myself that when we do get some warmer temps the weather will be simply gorgeous instead of hot and humid like it will be soon in the south. But still, it's hard to keep that perspective in mind when there is the "S-word" in the forecast.

All for now.

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  1. Can't wait to read your books one day!

    Glad to read you all are feeling better and getting some rest.

    SNOW!! More snow? I'm sorry that truly does suck!